Making Medication Time Easier for Your Cat

May 02, 2017

Making Medication Time Easier for Your Cat

Giving your cat medicine is right up there with giving your cat a bath. Neither one of you looks forward to it and it’s a stressful process for all.

The internet is full of tutorials on how to force a tablet [or capsule] down your cat’s throat (because all cat parents know that you can force cats to do anything (not). Or how to use a tablet [or capsule] plunger to get the medication as far into their mouth as possible (have these people ever met a cat). These methods are as crazy as they sound and can cause real harm to your cat’s throat and will probably have her plotting your demise every time you get her medication out.

So, what’s a concerned (frustrated) pet parent to do? Disguise the capsules or tablets in human foods, right? No. No. No. Don’t let those charming cat eyes talk you into giving them a tablet [or capsule] wrapped in excess fat, calories and sodium. In fact, some human foods, such as milk, avocados or fat trimmings from meat, can actually be bad for your cat.

Before you put your hands up in defeat, there really is a better alternative. FELINE GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ have built-in pouches that easily hide capsules and tablets. Really! These all-natural cat treats are a better alternative to using human foods to disguise tablets [or capsules]. Bonus! They were designed by veterinarians and come in a variety of yummy flavors. Now you and your cat can actually look forward to medicine time!

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